Front passenger drop Dana 60s can be found under 87 and older Chevys and 93 and older Dodges, usually one tons but some 3/4 tons. Full size passenger drop front Dana 44s were in Chevys in the mid to late 70s but only for a few years IIRC before they started using 10 bolts.1973-1987 Chevy GM 1/2 ton 4X4 with Dana 44 - Driver's knuckle are flat tops and already drilled and tapped. 1974-1977 Full Size Jeep - Driver and passenger side are flat tops. The cornerstone of the High Steer setup is the flat top passenger-side knuckle.

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  • Yes - this is a 100% Chevy drivers drop Dana 44. Complete with all the parts you need to install it with leaf springs set to the stock 31.5" spacing. You can build it to the same dimensions as a standard passenger drop front axle and use all stock parts right down to the axle shafts, u bollts.[Archive] converting pas. side drop to driver side Advanced of several d44 front axles out of old chevy trucs but they are all pas. side drop. is there So if someone bought a Passenger.

  • i have the opportunity to buy a fully built drivers side drop d44 from a good friend of mine with warn premium hubs, superior chromoly shafts with bushinged u-joints(only one trip on them), superior 4.88 gears,detroit easy locker,high steer knuckles, 1 ton steering made with 1/4in x 1.5in DOM , rubicon express mounting brackets.The heavier duty axles (i.e. Dana 60) usually come from heavier rated trucks and Dodge D60 ('94 and newer driver's drop version) *Not recommended for a GM D44 or 10 bolt, you can make a driver's side differential with the GM 6 lug bolt .

  • I know the scout is normal passenger side drop and I know the front 44 My question is about the guy saying its a driver drop 44 is there any .Anyone ever pulled the tubes in a front Dana axle and swapped sides so it went from a drivers side drop to a passengers side drop or vise versa.

  • Posts: 8,641. Well the years do matter, but Ford didnt use a Dana 44 after 1979. I'm guessing a waggy lp44 if it's drivers.i ran a ford low pinion 44 before my current set up. i think it was out of a 76 f-250. did a crossover steering set up. mine had flat tops so it was pretty easy. had to turn the knuckles, change the perches. all the normal stuff.

  • Try to avoid Dana 44's that have a small u-joint unless you plan on swapping in you will find information on Dana 44's that came with a driver side differential.The Dana/Spicer Model 44 is an automotive axle manufactured by Dana Holding Corporation This Dana 44 had no axle tubes but attached to the driver side traction beam, which also acted as a cover plate, and had "open air" axles which .

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Looking for a dana 44 with a driver's side pinion to use for a SAS. Let me know if you have one or know where one is. The closer to houston the better. Thanks. Let me know if you have one or know where.i'll be pulling the 30 from my XJ this weekend and need suggestions on a dana 44 front. i currently have an 8.8 in the rear, so if there's anything that's roughly 60" WMS and 5 on 4.5" lug pattern that's what i'm looking.

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Here is an empty Dana 44 front axle housing. This is from a Chevy 1 ton. Jeep parts Bernville Pa 610-488-1450.A high-pinion Dana 60 front axle is one of the top upgrades for truck and SUV wheelers across the board. The 9.75-inch ring gear provides plenty of beef for running 39-inch and larger tires.